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By building stands, Points of Purchase, Retail Kiosks, Interactive Kiosks and Portable Displays we have reached an achievement of doing 2,900 exhibition stands.


Wood Craft House LLC understands that a booth or stand is more than just a place to meet new customers, it is the image of your organization which is why the exhibition stand design, building-up and materials should also take a high priority, and in Wood Craft House LLC we help and support you as a full-service on all levels to achieve the best results. 

We do:


• Exhibition Management 

• Design and build-up stands

• Create and execute all related graphics 

• Rebuild & Re-brand stand for different exhibitions

• Stand Storage 

Wood Craft House LLC is specialized in the planning, design, building of interior spaces, Offering complete interior solutions customized to the individual or commercial needs of Clients From Scratch to Finish, We provide extremely excellent interior services for both residential and commercial projects.

We do:


• Space Planning

• Commercial & Residential Interior Design

• Interior Building, Executing & supervising 

• Furniture supply 

Wood Craft House LLC is here to deliver smart ideas that drive our clients' businesses successfully, regardless of different type of occasions or geography and our team & ideas turn out just as we imagined them.

Starting from Events planning & organizing to execute all related work, we help you drawing the smile of success and satisfaction.

We do:


• Exhibitions & conferences management

• Weddings, fashion shows & special events management 

• Staging & audio-visual solutions 

• Graphics & branding 


In pursuit of the goal, Wood Craft House LLC is fuelled by the unstoppable passion for our work, recognized for the excellence of the services and creativity and equipped with the team of highly talented designers and professionals which enable us to deliver uncompromisingly quality services. 


Trust is the reward that we receive from our Business Partners after each and every successful deal that we deliver, whether indoor or outdoor, big or small we always find the budget and solution that suits you.

We do:


• Indoor & outdoor Graphics 

• Creative designs 

• Printing, fabrication & Engraving 

• Installation  


Wood Craft House LLC offers a wide selection of corporate gift items and giveaways, a personalized approach to advertising and marketing to enhance your corporate image and goodwill amongst your clients and other business interfaces.


The corporate gifts you can source from us include  Calculators, Wall Clocks, Pens, Desktop Accessories, Pen Holders, Crystal & Glass Clocks, Key Chains, Portfolios/Organizers & Wallets, other gift sets, memorabilia and much more.

We do:


  • Gift items & giveaways supply

  • Artwork creation

  • Printing & engraving

  • Handicraft items

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